BibLaTeX can be used as an alternative to BibTeX for handling bibliographies.

BibLaTeX-support in TeXlipse is activated simply by putting \usepackage[your biblatex options]{biblatex} in the preamble of your document. Currently TeXlipse can make use of the backends BibTeX and Biber. BibTeX is the default backend for BibLaTeX; Biber is however by now the recommended standard. You can switch to Biber by including backend=biber in your BibLaTeX options.

Before you use BibLaTeX, please make sure that the backend of your choice (Biber or BibTeX) is installed and set up in the Builder Settings (Texlipse > Builder Settings). If you have been updating from an earlier version of TeXlipse, we also recommend adding the extensions .bcf and .run.xml to the temporary files extension list in the preferences Texlipse > Builder Settings > Latex Temp Files.