Taking advantage of the document outline

Basic use

The outline view shows the outline of the document currently opened in the editor. Selecting an element in the outline focuses the editor to the corresponding text in the document. The collapse and expand buttons collapse/expand the outline tree one level.

The update button can be used to update the outline if automatic parsing is not enabled. This button is disabled when the outline is up to date.

Filtering the elements of the outline

The contents of the outline can be filtered by using the outline view toolbar buttons. Note that hiding an element also hides all the element's children regardless of whether the children would otherwise be visible or not. For example, hiding sections will hide all the subsections which are children of any sections. However, a single subsection without a section parent would remain visible.

Elements availabe in the outline can be configured through the TeXlipse > Editor > Outline preference page.

Manipulating elements with copy, cut, paste and delete

You can manipulate the elements of the outline by selecting an element and then selecting an operation from the context menu (right-click with the mouse on the element) or from the Edit menu in the menubar. All the operations are text based. This means that deleting an element really removes the text from the document and copying an element actually copies the text contents of the elements to the clipboard. When using paste in the outline the text in the clipboard is inserted after the text of the target element.

These operations are only enabled when the outline is up to date

Dragging and dropping elements

Elements can also be manipulated by dragging and dropping. Dragging and dropping an element over another element will move the text of the source element after the text of the target element.

Holding down the Ctrl key while dropping will result in a copy operation instead of a move operation. An element cannot be dropped over itself or over its children. As with the copy/paste operations, dragging and dropping is only enabled when the outline is up to date.

Full document outline

The full document outline is a separate view that shows an outline of the entire project. This is done by starting from the main file of the project and merging all included files into the outline. The full documetn outline can be viewed by selecting Window > Show view > Other... and from there TeXlipse > Full LaTeX outline.

The full document outline works exactly as the single-file outline, but it should be noted that only \input and \include -includes are handled – not custom includes. Also, the outline has been designed to be fast, which could mean that some omplex include chains may not be resolved correctly. If this happens, the document author should consider whether a straightforward document hierarchy would suffice.