TeXlipse 1.1.0 - New and Noteworthy

Performance Enhancements

The performance of the LaTeX build process was enhanced and building should be ca. 25% faster now.

Better error detection

All LaTeX and TeX build errors are now detected. Layout warnings are an extra problem class so that they could be filtered out.


Better partial building

The partial building feature is completly reworked and we encourage you to switch it on as default option.


Better viewer support

Big improvements to the viewer framework:

  • On Windows systems the pdf document in Acrobat is automatically closed before rebuild
  • Automatic launch of preferred viewer for the current output format on preview. Preferred is closed to the top in the preferences.
  • Problems with special output folder are fixed
  • Bring eclipse back on top after inverse search

Better syntax highlighting

More math environments (AMSMath) are supported. Colorization support for Verbatim, verbatim and lstlisting environments was added.

Content assist for math mode

Inside a math environment the content assist system shows math (with images!) instead of normal LaTeX commands and there are also special math templates.


Menu with LaTeX commands and symbols


Change text style

TeXlipse provides the ability to change the style of selected text via content assist (Ctrl+Space)


New Project LaTeX Outline

A new view (TeXlipse/Full Latex outline) which shows the outline of the full project with all \include and \input commands.


Smartkey support

Many enhancements to the Editor:


Hover support

There is a hover which appears in many situations:

  • Show the label and surrounding line if mouse cursor is over a \ref{...} command


  • Show the BibTex entry if mouse cursor is over a \cite{...} command


  • Show a help text (sometimes with image) if mouse cursor is over a command


BibTeX editor enhancements

  • New warnings: duplicate keys, duplicate fields, empty fields, missing required fields (even with crossrefs), invalid crossrefs, duplicate abbrevs (@string), missing abbrevs

  • Sorting the outline: by index, author (grouped by author), by journal or by year