TeXlipse is a plugin that adds Latex support to the Eclipse IDE. Check for more info in the about page.


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14.7.2017: TeXlipse now an Eclipse project!

After many years of stalled development, but continued interest from users, Eclipse Foundation is taking over the maintenance of TeXlipse. See: Eclipse project page and GitHub. TeXlipse is also going to be bundled in the upcoming 2017 release of Eclipse Science.

26.11.2011: TeXlipse v. 1.5.0

TeXlipse 1.5.0 is available from the update site since friday. This release adds support for BibLaTeX and we changed the build system, which should work much better now. These features were mainly made by Matthias Erll, which is a new member of our (now two men) team.
Furthermore, Manuel Lutz wrote a fresh plugin that adds Bibsonomy support to TeXlipse. You can install the Bibsonomy plugin and also Pdf4Eclipse from our update site. Please head over to his site for more details and documentation.

21.10.2011: Pdf reader for Eclipse

Good news everyone. We developed a new project called Pdf4Eclipse, which is a Pdf reader for Eclipse. It is perfectly usable with TeXlipse since it supports SyncTeX and automatic reload of changed pdf documents.
It will soon also be available from TeXlipse's update site.

07.08.2011: Version 1.4.2 released

This version is a bug fix release with some new small features like SumatraPDF support and word completion. Here is the complete changelog.

04.09.2010: Version 1.4.1 released

This version is a bug fix release. Most of the problems concerning the new spell checker should be fixed.

03.04.2010: Version 1.4.0 released

Happy easter! The bunny brings TeXlipse 1.4.0!
Finally comes with a check-while-you-write spell checker, an aux file parser and a LaTeX perspective! Furthermore a lot of annoying bugs are fixed. For a more complete Changelog, check the Release notes.

You can download dictionaries for English and German language from our Sourceforge page.

16.05.2009: Version 1.3.0 released

This version adds experimental support for Eclipse's build-in spellchecker and via kpsewhich support for include files outside a project. Furthermore a lot of bugs were fixed, take a look at the release notes for more details.
This version requires Eclipse >=3.3.

26.07.2008: Version 1.2.2 released

This version is merely a bug fix release, only minor new features are introduced. Look at the release notes for more details. This version requires Eclipse >=3.3.

25.11.2007: Version 1.2.1 released

This version is a bug fix release. It fixes a critical bug that let Eclipse freeze in some rare occasions. Additionately an annoying bug which occurs while pasting text in hardlinewrap mode was fixed.

13.10.2007: Version 1.2.0 released

This is an update that fixes a lot of bugs and introduces some new features. Check our New and Noteworthy page or the changelog for details.
This version is not compatible to Java 1.4 anymore. Please update your Java version to 1.5 or higher.

7.5.2006: Version 1.1.0 released

This version is a major update, containing features such as full document outline, improved bibtex-editing, better building, better previwing, automatic closing of acrobat on Windows, smartkeys, reference hovers and math commands. Check our New and Noteworthy page or the changelog for details.
Update: due to some issues with build scripts, the initial package in the update site was corrupt. The correct package was put up 7th May 17:00 GMT, so if you downloaded before, please reload.

3.4.2006: Update site working

Update site works. Still looking for participants.

1.4.2006: Update site down, looking for participants

Despite the date, this is not April Fools :-) We have been experiencing some problems with our web pages and CVS lately and currently, the update site doesn't work properly. We'll try to do something about it asap, but due to the weekend, it might take a few days.

On an additional note, we're looking for some participants to the project, either short or long time. Currently we would need some testers for our next release (testing can begin in a week or so), but also documentation writers to update the manual. Developers are of course welcome, but it might take some time for us to get back to you due to doing development work ourselves. Mail Oskar if you're interested.

11.3.2006: Version 1.0.5 released

This release includes mostly patches sent to our SourceForge page. Most of them are bugfixes, but there are a few nice new features also. Some of the new things: more command completions, more math modes, syntax highlighting options, Aspell-support bug fixes... Check the changelog for details.

7.8.2005: Version 1.0.4 released

Just another bugfix release before introducing new features. Fixes include BibTeX string terminator handling and content assist behaviour at the beginning of document. Table view has been updated also. Check the changelog for details.

13.6.2005: Version 1.0.3 released

While planning new features, we decided to make a release with a few bug fixes. Some new features too: TODO-support and collapse/expand for folds. Check the changelog for details.

23.4.2005: Version 1.0.2 released

You asked for it, you got it: Aspell integration! Still a bit experimental, but works for small files. :) Also in this release: some bug fixes, some new features... Check the changelog for details.

30.3.2005: Version 1.0.1 released

Some bug fixes, some new features... We listened to our users, but there's still no spell-checker support. :)
(Wait for the next release.) [Changelog]

16.3.2005: Version 1.0 released!

Finally it is here! After about 1400 person-hours of work, the software has reached version 1.0. This release contains the basic features needed to produce nice Latex documents plus something extra. :)

Check the manual for more info, and if (when :)) you are convinced, the installation guide.