TeXlipse is a plugin that adds Latex support to the Eclipse IDE. Check for more info in the about page.


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TeXlipse news

14.7.2017: TeXlipse now an Eclipse project!

After many years of stalled development, but continued interest from users, Eclipse Foundation is taking over the maintenance of TeXlipse. See: Eclipse project page and GitHub. TeXlipse is also going to be bundled in the upcoming 2017 release of Eclipse Science.

26.11.2011: TeXlipse v. 1.5.0

TeXlipse 1.5.0 is available from the update site since friday. This release adds support for BibLaTeX and we changed the build system, which should work much better now. These features were mainly made by Matthias Erll, which is a new member of our (now two men) team.
Furthermore, Manuel Lutz wrote a fresh plugin that adds Bibsonomy support to TeXlipse. You can install the Bibsonomy plugin and also Pdf4Eclipse from our update site. Please head over to his site for more details and documentation.

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Quick Installation Instructions

Point your Eclipse Update site browser to: http://texlipse.sourceforge.net/


Other resources

The TeXlipse SourceForge page contains all the releases, instructions for CVS access, discussion forum, bug tracker and other info.