TeXlipse is a plugin that adds Latex support to the Eclipse IDE. Check for more info in the about page.


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Roadmap (outdated)

Ok, not yet an actual roadmap, but here is a list of features we have thought of. (Not in any particular order.)

  • Multiple viewers Allow easy launching of other viewers than the default. This could be implemented using e.g. a drop-down menu in the preview-button.
  • Parsing partial documents: Make it possible to parse only the changed parts of a document.
  • Parsing included packages: Enable parsing included packages so that command can be completed for them, too. (Outline and \input -functionality could also benefit from this.)
  • Quick Fix for keywords: Add "Quick Fix" -drop down menu to incorrectly spelled Latex-keywords. Using Eclipse's error marker -framework, add a special drop down menu to misspelled Latex-keywords. User could press the hotkey (usually Control+1) to open a drop down menu of possible fixes for the misspelled words.
  • Multiple build programs: Allow the user to configure more than one external program for a certain build task (e.g. latex to postscript). Implementing this would require only some minor changes to the builder-framework.
  • Multiple file build: Allow the user to set multiple files as the project main file. This way more than one documents would be builded every time the project is built. This would require some minor changes to the builder-framework. Also the project properties page would need to be changed.
  • Latex text previewer: Show a preview of syntax highlighted text in the syntax highlighting preference page. Implementing this would require quite a lot of studying of the Java-plugin's preference page implementations.
  • Document template viewer: Show selected user defined document template in the document templates preference page. This could be implemented with the same component UI component as Latex text previewer.
  • Parsing bibitem tags: Parse the current document for bibitem tags and enable completion also to them in addition to external bibtex file entries.

We will prioritize these features at some point in the near future and start working with the high priority features. You can request for your favourite features in the SourceForge feature tracker.

These features have been implemented after the initial 1.0 release:

Included in version 1.0.1:

  • Project settings file: Keep the project settings in a file that is located in the project folder, like Java projects do. This would allow, e.g., saving TeXlipse projects into CVS.
  • Forward-search: Take into use the functionality of external viewers to show the output file straight from the position matching the cursor position in the source file. This is similar mechanism to already implemented inverse-search feature. Needs only some small modifications to the previewer-framework.

Included in version 1.0.2:

  • Create projects outside of workspace Allow the creation of projects to a location outside of Eclipse workspace. This feature would allow for users of shared computer environment (e.g. school) to keep their Latex-project in a protected network directory while keeping the Eclipse workspace in a public directory. (This feature is implemented to the Java project wizard.)
  • Spell checker: Integrate an external spell-checker program (e.g. ispell) to check the spelling of document when needed. This could be implemented as a toggle-button action to Eclipse's toolbar. There could be a separate thread running the external spell-checker process. Parser could ask the speller-process to verify words that were written. [Implemented only as an action to check the whole document at once in this version.]
  • Quick Fix for speller: Add "Quick Fix" -drop down menu to incorrectly spelled words. Using Eclipse's error marker -framework, add a special drop down menu to misspelled words. User could press the hotkey (usually Control+1) to open a drop down menu of possible fixes for the misspelled words. [Implemented only as a command completion in this version.]

Included in version 1.0.3:

  • TODO-support Parse TODO-tags from Latex and Bibtex comments and add them to Tasks-view. (Just like with Java-files)