TeXlipse is a plugin that adds Latex support to the Eclipse IDE. Check for more info in the about page.


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The following projects have been helpful to us while implementing TeXlipse. The source code provided by these projects was good read in addition to Eclipse's developer manuals.

GIF and PNG Images for Math Symbols

We have taken the math icons from this page. Thanks to the author.

PyDev Plugin

We found many helpful hints here. A little more comments would have saved us from more than a couple of hours of debugging, though.

Favourite quote: "//what's this code doing? It is copied from Ant, so I am keeping it around". -- from org.python.pydev.debug.ui.launching.LaunchShortcut comments

It is nice to know that the code snipplets we copied from pydev came from an "authority" source. :)

eTex plugin

This plugin got us started, but not much further. We had so different view on the subject. Nice property page code, anyway.

PHP Eclipse plugin You had managed to implement parenthesis matching, but you had also managed to hide it well. Thanks anyway. :)